Sorry we are not.

ALL You need to do is prepare dining table.

We only offer chef, grill table, food, sauces, and sake.

If you don't have enough tables and chairs, you can go to Amazon or Walmart to search “party table” You will find cheap and practical discoveries.

Each meal come with Salad, Fried Rice, Protein and Vegetables. Like what you get at in our hibachi restaurant.

You just need to have table, chairs, plates and silverware ready when your party starts.

Our chef will arrive at your home 10-15 minutes early. The whole cooking process takes about 1h 30 mins.

Here's what we recommend if we're unfortunate to have a bad weather.

1. If you have a garage at home, the garage is the best place.  

2. We can cook indoors for you, but for the safety of your home.  We can only work on tile floors and the chefs won’t light huge flames.  

3. We can help you reschedule another day for the party.

We can provide tofu to meet Vegetarian and Vegan needs. The price per person does not change. We will supplement their dishes with additional food such as extra veggies, salad, and noodles. 

Due to insurance and pricing requirements, we do not cook any outside protein or food at this time. 

Yes, we do! Your chef can prepare special dishes for you individually!


Gratuity goes directly to the chef and is greatly appreciated!

Most of our guests tip at minimum similar to eating at restaurants 18% - 25%

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